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Become a positive leader and have the time of your life now.

For 15 years, Anahuac Queretaro University has been forging leaders and human beings who transcend and transform the world.



The world evolves and so do we

Our new Anahuac Educational Model 2025 is carefully crafted to offer you the best learning experience and integral development, plus entrepreneurship and leadership skills.



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Why Anahuac Queretaro?

For 15 years, Anahuac Queretaro University has shaped positive leaders with its high-quality education and competitive infrastructure and technology.


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Besides being ranked in the top 10 best Mexican private universities, we are located in one of the best cities to live in Mexico.


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Scholarships and Financing

Our Scholarship Program gives support to more than 60% of the university’s student population, which stands out for its excellent academic, athletic and/or cultural level.




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Anáhuac Querétaro University is ranked in the 2% of the world’s best universities thanks to its high-quality academic standards. We offer 32 bachelor programs, 10 masters degrees, 3 doctorates, 2 specialties and more than 30 continuing education programs that respond to students’ needs and expectations. We are partners with more than 110 prestigious institutions all around the world and are part of an international network of universities in US, Chile, Spain, and Italy.



Alumni Quotes

Anahuac University provides you with many tools from complementary areas, but also with a human approach, which allows you to grow and develop in your industry in a better way. 



Universidad Anáhuac was one of my pillars to get where I am positioned right now. I didn’t only find the basic knowledge for my business development, but also my life was fulfilled with experiences, friendships, opportunities and above all, values.




My experience in the university gave my life a 360° turn, despite I already worked when I began my studies, my vision was not that global; the trips, my fellow students, speakers, teachers, even family and friends, taught me a different perspective and showed me where I wanted to be. I’m honored to be part of the Anahuac Community.



Universidad Anáhuac helped me to get where I am right now; the persistence to achieve my goals, the modesty, the ability to find the needs of my community and search for solutions, the deeply spiritual encounter with God, the importance of preserving and promoting friendship and the love in my family.



My time at the University has been most rewarding. I had the chance to be president of the Students’ Union (FESAL), which opened doors to meet lots of people, developed my love for learning and academic growth.



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